We at Uningo

Our mission is to help nonprofits to better communicate and interact with their supporters.

Our mission

What makes us different

Uningo was created to help nonprofits better communicate and interact with their supporters through a single application. The company's goal is to enable nonprofit organisations to reach the new generation of donors and volunteers by offering them a simple, effective and innovative online solution.

Uningo's innovative business model allows companies to sponsor associations and cover their service fees in exchange for visibility. It has been designed to make Uningo accessible to all types of nonprofit organisations, even those with fewer resources to afford quality tools. 

The Uningo Foundation was also created to ensure that Uningo remains a company with a real impact, contributing to a virtuous and collaborative circle.

Our team

Together, as brother and sister, we decided to combine our skills to create Uningo. We have always been involved in nonprofit organisations and wanted to find a new way to support them by making it our business.

The model we came up with maximises the value we want to bring to nonprofits while reducing their financial involvement. 

Do contact us if you want to join us in this adventure ! 

Co-Founder & CEO
Julie Deleval

After more than 6 years of experience in IT start-ups and scale-ups, and a specialisation in software design, Julie is responsible for product and business design in general.

Co-Founder & CTO
Frédéric Deleval

With a background in civil engineering and a degree from Wagon Brussels, Frédéric is responsible for all the technical aspects of the application. It is thanks to him that the application has come to life.

Customer Success
Stella Diamant

With a scientific background, Stella founded her own association in 2016 in the field of marine conservation. She now supports Julie and Fréderic in the development of Uningo.