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Board of Directors of the Foundation

Caroline Laurent Josi

Chair of the Board

Caroline Laurent Josi is a director of companies and nonprofits for which she has been actively involved for over 23 years. She organises large-scale fundraising campaigns and events on a voluntary basis. She also assists numerous project leaders in the development of their activity.

Aäron Wajnberg

Vice-Chair of the Board

The Belgian-born pianist Aaron Wajnberg is a professor at the Royal Conservatory of Antwerp and gives concerts all over the world. He is the chairman of the Antwerp LiedFest and artistic director of the OperaStars series.

Isabelle Vleurinck

Board member

Isabelle Vleurinck has a degree in Applied Economics from the KU-Leuven. After a career at Bank Degroof and the CMB group, she is now a company director and works as a volunteer counsellor at the Victim Support Service in East Flanders.

Ryan McCutcheon

Board member

For the past 10 years, Ryan has worked at Fortune 500 companies and start-ups in North America and Europe. He specialises in helping to build software and successful teams. He is currently working on modernising real estate sales and marketing tools at Drawbotics.

Marie Van Herreweghe

Board member

Marie Van Herreweghe is French and has lived in Flanders for 27 years. Married with three daughters, she has been involved in voluntary work for over 20 years. Very active in her local community, she has, among other things, chaired the parents' council at her daughters' school. For over 9 years, she has been responsible at Special Olympics Belgium for protocol and fundraising activities. Her favourite motto is: "Together, we can lift mountains".

The Uningo Foundation is dedicated to helping associations of all sizes to expand and manage their network of supporters more effectively.
To this end, the Uningo Foundation has helped launch the Uningo platform, which offers a full range of management services to associations at no cost thanks to corporate sponsorship.

The Uningo Foundation also organises large-scale events in which affiliated associations, regardless of their size, can join by inviting their own supporters in order to benefit from the spin-offs in proportion to their participation.

If you wish to help several associations in the Uningo ecosystem that are active in a particular field, it is also possible to make a donation directly to the Uningo Foundation. The Uningo Foundation will distribute the donations it receives fairly among the associations in the Uningo ecosystem.


Make a donation to the Uningo Foundation and help the associations in the following areas:

Youth &


Disability &


Environment &


Scenic arts

(music, dance, singing, cinema,...)

Humanitarian & Personal Assistance

Discover the events organized for the benefit of the Uningo Foundation

The Uningo Foundation is independent of Uningo but is a majority shareholder. In due course, the company will distribute its dividends to the Uningo Foundation, which in turn will donate them to Uningo's client organisations. This donation will be made according to an algorithm that will reward associations that have been clients for a long time, as well as on the basis of an in-depth analysis by the Foundation's board of directors regarding the needs of all nonprofits present on the Uningo platform.

This way, we hope to close the loop and give back to the nonprofits as much as possible, so that our success will be theirs too.

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