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Multiple suggestions of concrete and tangible amounts 

Thanks sent automatically 

One-time, monthly or annual donations 

Multilingual and multi-currency

Payments by credit card, Bancontact,  Carte bancaire

Preparation of tax forms for the administration and sending of tax certificates to donors for approved Belgian associations

Easily collect donations online

Create your personalized donation form, with your different projects and your photos. Share this form in all your communications:  your emails, your site, on social media and even in your brochures and roll-ups thanks to your own QR code .

Manage your organisation in a professionnal and modern way

Evolution of the amount and quantity of donations

Analysis of the source of donations (email, website, qr code, etc.)

Amount and evolution of funding per project

Prediction of future donations based on recurring donations

Automatic calculation of the most frequently given amounts

Analyse your progress simply

Use your personal administration area to track your progress and donation figures in real time. Find all the information about your supporters.

All types of needs: activities, commitment, skills

Clear and concise description of your needs

Customizable application forms

Real-time notification of applications

Professional monitoring of your volunteers, past and present

Find your volunteers

Publish your calls for applications for volunteers and find the perfect individual(s) for all your needs . Manage applications professionally and efficiently.

Smart search in your lists

Ability to sort and filter table data

Data downloadable at any time on Excel

Automatic reconciliation of supporters interactions

Monitoring and auditing of data use, in compliance with the GDPR

Manage  your data centrally

Find in the same application the data relating to all your supporters, whether they are donors, volunteers or whether they attended one of your events.  No reconciliation necessary.

Several types of tickets, including free tickets

Possibility for guests  to donate in addition to tickets

Automatic sending of a summary email to registrants

Management of events over several days or time slots

Real-time monitoring of registrations and amounts collected

Manage your charity events

Create and distribute a customizable page for purchasing and/or ordering tickets for all your events for the benefit of your association. Follow registrations in real time in your administrator area.

Sending of personal and simple messages to supporters

Message and interactions history with your supporters

Possibility for donors to write a message with their donation

List of addresses and email  of each donor and volunteer

Preferences for sending or not newsletter for each donor

Communicate with your supporters

Focus on the personalised messages that matter. Automatic emails are sent to your supporters after an interaction with your association: thank you for a donation, list of tickets after an order, volunteer application summary. 

Publication of several customizable projects and their photos

Contact details of the association

Display of the DonorInfo logo and link to your transparent profile

Display active events and calls for volunteers

Easy profile sharing via your own networks

Promote your activities and your needs

Benefit from a professional and modern profile to clearly and transparently show and share your activities, projects, needs, and more. Smart filters allow new supporters to discover your association in the Uningo marketplace.

Management of available quantities per item

Several customisable collection points

Centralise orders and collect buyer information

Automatic email summary sent to buyer

Professional presentation of items for sale

Sell your products via your own e-shop

Present and sell your small products and items easily and efficiently via your online shop. Add photos and descriptions, and manage your orders and stocks with ease.

Creation of precise recipient lists in just a few clicks

Intelligent filters on your contacts' data (languages, donation amounts, activities, etc.)

Pre-created email templates and "Uningo blocks" pre-filled with your content

Tracking of emails sent and opened

Management and backup of your lists and filters

Manage and send your email campaigns

Create and send your email campaigns to the contacts of your choice with ease thanks to Uningo mailing. Track their success.


Très agréable collaboration avec la plateforme UNINGO pour l’Ecole Plein Air.

Communication hyper agréable avec Julie et son frère.

Prise en main de la plateforme très simple et intuitive.

Lisibilité pour les donateurs. 


Et au final une belle somme collectée !

Que demander de plus !

Laurence E.   |  Présidente du Pouvoir Organisateur - Ecole Plein Air asbl

No fees &  100% free ?  How!?

Solution # 1

Thanks to its unique corporate sponsorship system, Uningo allows a company to support your association by paying the platform fees instead of your association. 

In exchange for their generous gesture, the company's logo is then automatically displayed on your donation form.

A win-win solution that allows you to professionalise your association for free while allowing a company to participate in your success in exchange for targeted and exclusive visibility. 

Solution # 2

Your association does not yet have a sponsoring company, but you would like to benefit from Uningo's services in the meantime? No problem.

Uningo provides you with its tools free of charge and relies on the solidarity of donors. They can freely and without constraints decide to leave a contribution to the functioning of the platform at the time of their donation, allowing you to use Uningo for free.

Ready to start your digital transformation, but you want to be accompanied?

ToolBox asbl-vzw is at the service of social, environmental and cultural organizations. Through tailor-made coaching, our volunteer professionals (our “ToolBoxers”) help organizations to respond effectively to their internal challenges and to develop their competencies in topics such as governance, leadership, diversification of revenue sources, operational efficiency or (re)defining their mission and vision.


Each year, more than 80 organizations in the social sector are accompanied by our nearly 200 ToolBoxers through more than 140 projects.

Toolbox is an independent organization from Uningo.

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