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The only application that allows nonprofits organisations to efficiently manage all their supporters contributions centrally, at no cost through corporate sponsorship

 A centralized solution which facilitates all interactions between associations and their supporters
Online donation collection

Uningo makes it easy for donors to make a donation online in a few steps.

Transparency of impact

Uningo helps donors visualise and understand how their donations can make a difference through accurate images and descriptions.

Donation management

Uningo helps nonprofits collect and organise fundraising data for better forecasting.

Corporate partnership

Uningo provides sponsors with a way to power an association's sustainable growth and gain visibility from doing so.

Generate support for your nonprofit organisation and manage all your supporters within the same application.

For nonprofits

Sponsor the use of Uningo for nonprofits and promote your commitment to social responsibility.

For companies

Discover the associations in the Uningo ecosystem as well as their projects and give them your help and support.

For individuals

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