Sponsor a nonprofit and help power their growth!

Reach an audience who is sensitive to philanthropy

Choose to sponsor a nonprofit to allow them to use Uningo's services for free. In exchange, you will receive exclusive and targeted exposure through each interaction between the nonprofit and its supporters via Uningo, reaching individuals who are receptive to your sponsorship.

Let nonprofits benefit from the multiplier effect of your sponsorship 

Sponsor the nonprofit(s) of your choice based on a fixed and predefined budget.  Magnify your impact by using your sponsorship to power tools that can collect over 10 times as much for the association. 

Communicate transparently on the real, tangible and multiplying impact of your sponsorship, rather than a simple financial transfer to the nonprofit of your choice.

Discover Uningo's virtuous model

Uningo is a new type of innovative and virtuous advertiser, aimed at all companies that wish to capitalise on their social responsibility programmes. Whether you are a small company with a limited budget, or you wish to diversify your budget allocation, each sponsorship facilitates the work of associations and allows them to collect and manage their donations at no cost!

In exchange, Uningo allows you to display your logo, like a traditional marketing tool, while supporting the charity or cause of your choice.