Easily collect donations online

Support your donors to make donations online with a simple, personalised form that is available on a computer, tablet or phone.

Tell your donors about your different projects and the impact of different amounts to make their contribution more tangible.


Adapt your projects, your photos, your needs at any time!

Optimise your time

Thanks to an innovative dashboard, you can simplify your life by having access to all your information in one place only. 

 Follow the progress of your campaign in real time, and directly see where your donations come. from to better understand on which platforms the majority of your donors are located.

Automate the generation of tax receipts.

Communicate effectively

Now, there is no need to search through countless platforms to connect with your donors.With Uningo you can communicate directly with your supporters through one same platform.

Reach your supporters in their own language easily with a few clicks. Your donors have access to the application and your content in the language of their choice.

Your online form in no time

Complete the information required on your donation form independently at your own pace.

Customise content as you wish, and translate it into all the languages spoken by your donors.

Take control of what you share with your donors by either publishing or temporarily hiding certain projects.

Generate support for your organisation

Quotation mark

Très agréable collaboration avec la plateforme UNINGO pour l’Ecole Plein Air.

Communication hyper agréable avec Julie et son frère.

Prise en main de la plateforme très simple et intuitive.

Lisibilité pour les donateurs. 


Et au final une belle somme collectée !

Que demander de plus !

Laurence E.   |  Présidente du Pouvoir Organisateur - Ecole Plein Air asbl